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Meet the Staff of Sims Car Mall

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Mark Sims - General Manager of Sims Car Mall, CashforCarStore.

440-442-7700 - simscarmall@aol.com

A dealer since 1988 in Willoughby, Ohio at Andy Buick. Which was #4 in the US in Buick program car sales at times. He transformed Andy Chevrolet into Sims Car Mall. Sims Car Mall offers Used cars, service, Revolutionary Car Credit and Cash for Car Store- known for "buying your car in 10 minutes". His dealerships have sold over 20,000 vehicles. His motto "Strive everyday to make that customer a repeat customer."

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Ellen Petche - Receptionist

440-442-7700 - epetche@gmail.com

Ellen is just awesome! She has been with the Sims organization for years. Ellen loves to cook, garden and walking her dog, Maisy. If you need it done, Ellen gets the job done!

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Marc MJ Ross - Executive Vice President

440-442-7700 - m.ross.simscarmall@gmail.com

Marc has been in the credit field for over 20 years and takes pride in helping everyone in obtaining credit and improving their lives. His hobbies include hunting, scuba diving, and reading.    

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Rhonda Slusser - Comptroller

440-442-7700 - rhonda_slusser@hotmail.com

Rhonda is the problem solver. She enjoys cooking, spending time with her grandkids and traveling. She loves dogs but we are going to get her a goldfish

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Brendan Sims - Sales

440-442-7700 -

A student working part time to help people. Brendan is in involved in several volunteer programs in Cleveland. Brendan enjoys jet-skiing and go cart racing in his free time.